Classes and More


After teaching expectant and new parent classes for 13 years, Jen took a much needed break for a couple years!  However, beginning in 2023, she is excited to be regularly teaching Newborn Care, hosted by Diaper Lab.  Diaper Lab offers a multitude of other amazing resources - classes, products, consultations - for new parents, so definitely browse around on their website a bit.

 Newborn Care is best taken in the third trimester, prior to baby's arrival, but no so far in advance you forget what you've learned, so register accordingly.  This workshop is currently offered virtually, so you and your friends around the country can attend together if you'd like!

Wonderful Welcome clients are eligible for a discount on the Newborn Care workshop so reach out to Jen for that code!  

Carseat Consultations

Jen has been a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) since 2019, and installed literally hundreds of carseats for families around New England.  Carseat checks can be scheduled through Diaper Lab and can take place at the store, or at your house or business.  

If you are a Wonderful Welcome client already, a carseat check is complimentary with your doula package; simply ask Jen to take a look at your seat!  However, even if you are not a doula client, most families want the reassurance of proper carseat installation prior to baby's birth, so reach out to Jen to schedule yours ASAP!


Life as a new parent is rewarding, but challenging, and can be isolating.  Jen loves to foster community, helping clients find local resources and parenting support in their own and nearby towns.  As a wing-woman, Jen is happy to meet clients at parenting events, sing-alongs, and more, if a parent would like the company and a familiar face/trusted arms for baby.  Even better if multiple clients happen to be at the same event!

It's quite likely Jen will encourage you to attend outings locally, but feel free to proactively ask her to meet you at any event you're considering if you would like company!  

Two Wonderful Welcome families randomly encounter each other at a local parenting meet up  (2022)

Two former Wonderful Welcome babies enjoy a playdate (2023)