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Postpartum Doula Services, Car Seat Checks, Infant Consults, and Classes

Postpartum doulas ease the transition for families welcoming new babies into their homes. We are trained to provide infant and new family care including evidence-based assistance with general newborn care including feeding, bathing, and general house care (think laundry! dishes!). Doulas help parents accomplish their own self-care by holding and caring for baby so the parents can shower, nap, or have a moment to themselves - or all three! Research shows that this emotional and physical support increases bonding, improves post-birth recovery, and reduces the incidence and severity of postpartum depression.

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Did you know that over 70% of car seats are improperly installed and/or used?  For what is intended as a lifesaving device, this is an alarming figure.   Wonderful Welcome is adamant about car seat safety, and, as such, Jen is certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) or "car seat tech".  CPSTs are highly trained professionals who can evaluate and install car seats properly.  From choosing the appropriate style and location for your car seats to safe installation and use, CPSTs are able to advise.  

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Sometimes a family does not need support that spans weeks or months, but instead wants a shorter commitment, to bridge the gap before longer term support starts, and/or would benefit from just one or two visits from a postpartum doula.  An Infant Consult lasts two hours (additional time available as needed) and serves to increase a family's confidence with their baby from a single visit.  Individually designed and perfectly timed for an overview of several subjects or just long enough to delve a little deeper into one, topics covered may include feeding, sleeping, babywearing, cloth diapers, soothing strategies, general newborn care, developmental check-ins, or anything else on your mind.  These single visits are also useful for helping bring grandparents or other caregivers up to speed on current evidence-based practice and thinking in regards to infant care. 

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Jen has been teaching new and expectant families for 15 years on a variety of topics.  In that time, hundreds of families have benefited from her expertise, enjoying her common sense approach and fast-paced, engaging delivery, replete with humor and a true love of the subject matter.  Check out her classes and workshops on car seats, babywearing, newborn care, and other topics, offered in-person in the greater Boston area and/or virtually.  

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