Postpartum Doula Services

Customized, Flexible Support

Wonderful Welcome offers customizable support, as well as a "Destination Doula" option for families who need or want to travel.  

Welcome Wishes:  Postpartum Doula Service

Most families considering postpartum doulas want day and/or night support from the first few days through the first couple weeks until about three months of age.  Typically, visits begin in the first days after baby is born and are calendared flexibly and on a rolling schedule week to week.  Usually, families want more visits and hours when baby is younger and these taper as the family becomes more confident and comfortable with their new addition.  A typical plan would be to have doula support three or four times the first week, three times the second week, two or three times the third week, then maybe two times a week for a few weeks after that.  Each visit could be during the day or an overnight, or a combination of both throughout the week, depending on what the family feels would work best for them.  During the visit, postpartum doulas help with whatever needs doing so the parents can rest while having the ability to consult with the doula about any aspect of babyhood.  Doulas answer questions and model how to care for baby in support of the household.  Frequently, this might look like your doula checking in about how things are going, observing a feeding session to offer assistance with breast/chestfeeding and/or bottles, and then holding/wearing the baby to complete light housekeeping such as folding laundry or washing dishes while you get to take a nap!  Doulas have a lot of experience with a range of newborns and newborn behavior, and can reassure families that what they are experiencing is normal - poop can come in a rainbow of colors, cradle cap is no big deal, babies are noisy sleepers and so on - but doulas also know when to refer families to specialists such as lactation counselors, pelvic floor physical therapists, pediatricians, and others for more specific care.  

Although the vast majority of postpartum doula support happens in the first three months, many families appreciate a doula's presence through six months, or even longer if desired.  There is no specific cut-off of support; so long as the family wants to remain in touch, we are happy to hear from you!

Destination Doula: Take Us On Your Travels

Are you moving shortly after baby arrives?  Have a work trip that cannot be postponed, or want to accompany a partner on theirs?  Vacationing for the first time with baby?  Wonderful Welcome can help.  Our top notch support travels with you!  It's both exciting and challenging to travel with an infant in the first year.  Our doulas can make your trip and/or settling in and unpacking easier by being extra hands (in the airport, on the plane, at your destination) and an extra adult when you need it most.  We have experience traveling across the country and beyond, and provide peace of mind that your support is continuous, with the same reassuring and friendly face you had from the first day we met.  Jen is happy to discuss what traveling with your doula might look like, and customize a plan for you.  

We'd love to meet you!

A good doula is one who seamlessly integrates into your household, and with whom you can feel comfortable.  They are part mentor, part confidante, and some extra hands when you need it most - a little bit Mary Poppins and a smidge Fairy Godmother.  They are also, hopefully, a friend.  Whomever you choose as your postpartum doula should be someone you'd want to hang out with, even if you didn't have babies, and many of our clients remain in touch long beyond our time with their families!  Ideally, you will connect with us prior to baby's arrival, but some services can also be arranged if you find yourself in need and baby is already here.  

Sounds great!!  Sign me up for Wonderful Welcome Postpartum Doula Support!

Get started by filling out our initial interest form from the link above.  We'll get back to you promptly with additional information to keep the ball rolling.  We'll ask you to introduce us to your family and needs via a questionnaire and then we'll schedule a brief Meet & Greet (which usually takes place via Zoom) to ensure a good fit for your personality and family's needs.  During the Meet & Greet, we will get to know each other a bit, and see if we could be a match for your family.  We can introduce ourselves, chat about mutual interests, describe a typical visit and visiting schedule, and/or answer any questions that you may have.