Wonderful One-Offs: Infant Consults


Want dedicated time with a postpartum doula without an extended commitment? Wonderful One-Offs are Infant Consults tailored to your needs. Choose a focus, or aim to discuss several topics more broadly for two hours. Consults can take place virtually or in the comfort of your own home. Popular topics, as indicated below, include babywearing and cloth diapering, but we can talk about anything baby or new family related! (Time for a Car Seat Check can be built into a consult if desired.)

Infant Consults can be conducted in-person or virtually! Know someone having a baby? Whether they are local or not, if you want them to benefit from Wonderful Welcome's expertise, gift them an Infant Consult. Get in touch so we can plan a session today!


Babywearing has been a lifesaver for parents all around the world for millennia, but there are so many carriers out there!  How do you know which will work best for you, and how to use them such that you and baby are comfortable and secure?  A Certified Babywearing Educator (CBWE), Jen has been teaching babywearing to new families since 2009, and happily wears all of her postpartum doula babies in a variety of carriers ranging from wraps to ring slings, Asian carriers, and soft-structured carriers.  

Learn about the benefits of babywearing and how to securely wear your baby during an Infant Consult!

(No carrier required; Jen will bring a variety for you to see, feel, and try.  A babywearing-focused consult can be great while you're expectant so you're prepared when baby arrives, or after baby is here for tips and tweaks - or both!)

Cloth Diapering

Modern cloth diapers are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and easy to use.  Jen has more than fifteen years of experience using cloth diapers and educating families on their options for cloth and how to take care of it.  Whether you're just curious about how cloth diapers have changed in the last few decades or already committed to purchasing a stash or using a diaper service, Jen is happy to be your guide.  It's not an all-or-nothing proposition - many families use cloth full-time, but just as many use it only during the day, or only at night; only for their newborns, or only for their toddlers during potty-learning; etc... The possibilities are endlessly customizable for your family.

Learn about the styles of cloth diapers as well as how to use them during an Infant Consult!  

General Infant Care

Whether you are seeking advice about sleeping, feeding, bathing, arranging your bedroom, stocking your nursery, or anything else about welcoming a baby into your house, Wonderful Welcome has it covered.  Ask all your questions and discuss your particular situation and concerns with Jen during a general infant consult.  With her guidance, you will a great start even before your baby arrives - or use the consult to improve those early days, weeks, and months while you adjust to your new family configuration.

Gain comfort and reassurance that you are on the right track with your newborn during an Infant Consult!

(Although a general consult can be arranged at any time, if you are still expecting, you might want to attend one of Jen's Newborn Care classes instead or in addition to your consult.)

Clients love consults!

"We met Jen Patashnick when she inspected our car seat. I was glad to learn of her postpartum doula services then so when we were feeling overwhelmed as new parents to figure out effective and comfortable babywearing, and to do a check on our car seat since the initial installation, I knew who to call! We worked with Jen for 3 hours and she first made sure our car seat was in correctly and adjusted some things, as well as made sure our son was in the seat correctly! We then spent lots of time on baby carriers and we both felt so much more excited to try out different carriers and make sure our baby was safe and comfortable in them. She has a great sense of humor and is overall fun to be around and approached our time together with support and compassion. I highly recommend working with Jen!" - Judy N. (2023)

"This was a super valuable experience for new parents to be! I had the opportunity to share what I wanted to focus on in preparation for the session. Then, when my husband and I logged on remotely, we immediately felt at ease as it was evident that Jen had taken into account the preplanning we did. And then even though we had a plan, the flow of the session was flexible to allow for our questions to lead the way. This made us feel listened to, which in turn left us feeling more confident in our preparations. Jen followed up on our session with resources in our area in a timely manner and is clearly available for whatever we need moving forward as we await our baby's arrival." - Tatiana G. (2023)