Postpartum Resources

Wonderful Welcome has had the honor to personally work with or has received substantial positive feedback about the following individuals/organizations whose missions align with ours - to provide encouragement and support as a family welcomes a new baby. Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the list, even to just say hi. Remember that reaching out does not commit you to anything, so you might as well make the connection or see if further evaluation is warranted. Additionally, we are always looking to expand our list, too, so if you’ve met or worked with someone you recommend in any area of postpartum support, we would love to know of them!


  • Birth Without Fear - Offers birth stories of all sorts (unmedicated/medicated, home/birth center/hospital, assisted/unassisted, vaginal/Cesarean, singleton/multiples, premie/term, etc.) with a focus on the birthing person’s empowerment and experience.

  • Spinning Babies - Highly recommended for positional help, especially with babies who remain breech later in pregnancy.

Holistic Living:

If you are interested in supporting your pregnancy, labor/delivery, or postpartum recovery with herbs, or wish to have your placenta encapsulated, reach out to these folks as soon as you can so they can help plan with you.

  • Lavandoula (offers placenta encapsulation plus herbal support) - Emma O’Brien

Lactation Professionals:

Working one-on-one with someone for an appointment or two can have a huge impact on the course of your breastfeeding journey.

Caitlin offers in-home, virtual, and in-store consultations, as well as staffing a “Breastfeeding Drop-In” Wednesdays at Diaper Lab, from 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM.

Jeanette specializes in lip and tongue tied babies, as well as providing exceptional general lactation support.

Online list of consultants who can come to your house.

Pumps: Some of these companies will deliver to your home and communicate with your insurance company to figure out what they will cover, and/or help you purchase a pump covered by your insurance.

Local stores that routinely stock lactation supplies: Please shop small, local businesses if you can. Many have free shipping and/or curbside pickup!

  • Diaper Lab – nipple balm, nursing bras, nursing pads, Haakaa products, bottles, and more

  • Cambridge Naturals - Silverettes, nipple balm

  • Magic Beans - Nursing chairs, nursing pillows, nursing covers, nursing bras, bottles, pumps and pump parts

Groups: Several organizations run lactation groups on a regular basis, facilitated either by trained volunteers or credentialed lactation professionals:

Dentists specializing in lip- and tongue-tie evaluation:

  • Fawn Rosenberg, DMD, FAGD / Lindsey McElligott, DMD

Lexington Cosmetic Dentistry

922 Waltham Street, Suite 202, Lexington, MA 02421

  • Martin Kaplan, DDS

Dentistry by Dr. David

563 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740

340 Fuller Road, Albany, NY 12203

Questions about whether a medication is pregnancy- or breastfeeding-compatible?

  • Infantrisk - This is the most comprehensive and well-researched resource out there. You can even call them and speak directly to someone about your particular situation.

  • NIH LactMed database - A dense read to get to the info, but direct from the National Institutes of Health

Milk Banks: Donate or receive human milk from a certified, pasteurized source. Please discuss this option with your pediatrician.

Mental Health Support:

Many new parents and families find it helpful to check in with a mental health practitioner in the form of a counselor or therapist - ideally, one who specializes in maternal mental health and/or the postpartum period.

  • Rebecca Thompson, LICSW (she/her)


  • Anne Olinick, LMHC (she/her)


This organization specializes in the postpartum period, including a multitude of resources for families, a monthly dad support phone group (first Monday of the month), and much more. You can connect with and find clinicians on the website as well.

Support groups for parents, crisis resources, loss support, and more for expectant and new families.

Parenting Support Groups:

This casual drop-in group is facilitated by a Certified Lactation Counsellor and meets on a drop-in basis, via Zoom starting March 2020. No RSVP required. Sign up to receive weekly email reminders.

JFCS has a variety of different groups - for newborns, for multiples, for adoption, postpartum depression, parenting after loss, etc.

  • LGBTQbirth - Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00 PM, meets via Zoom. Sign up on the website.

Sleep: (See also, “Sweet Sleep” below in Books)


Babywearing, in a wrap, ring sling, Asian-style carrier, or soft-structured carrier, can be a great tool in your parenting toolbelt for helping soothe baby as well as enable you to have a hand (or even two!) free to do other things, all the while knowing baby is with you and secure.

  • Diaper Lab - Workshops for novice and experienced babywearers, as well as consults and drop-ins to help with carriers.

  • Baystate Babywearers - Volunteer-run, non-profit babywearing group in Massachusetts. Regular meetings (modified due to COVID) and a lending library of carriers.


1337 Massachusetts Avenue, #118, Arlington, MA


Offers home visits for your first 3 months


Car Seats:

Purchase and installation:

Local, brick and mortar with multiple locations (online as well) specializing in baby and kids’ gear. Purchase only.

Certified car seat techs (spoiler alert: it's Crystal and Jen!) provide car seat checks and personalized advice and instruction for your car and car seat. Appointment required. Installation only.

Online resources for reviews as well as other car seat information:

Postpartum Exercise:

When your postpartum recovery is underway and you are cleared by your provider, try some exercise, maybe even with baby!


  • Fit4Mom - Stroller Strides and other Fit4Mom workouts

35 White Street, Cambridge, MA 02140


  • Mia Melendez - Pilates/personal trainer who offers prenatal/postnatal pilates classes


Both pre- and postpartum bodies can benefit from physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture treatments.

Physical Therapist / Pelvic PT for the birthing person:

Physical Therapist/Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Specialist

262 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02116


Chiropractic: The following practitioners have specialized training to work on infants:

83 Cambridge Street, #1B

Burlington, MA 01803


126 Harvard Street

Brookline, MA 02446


Massage Therapists:


Household services:

House cleaner:

  • Angela - 857.888.2484

Cleans houses in Cambridge, Arlington area



Pets sometimes need help adjusting to a new member of the family.

Lori provides dog training, group and private obedience classes, and doggie daycare.

Help relieve your pet’s anxiety about the transitions in your household through massage.

Provides “doggie daycare”, grooming, boarding, and transport. Locations in Cambridge, Belmont, and Charlestown.


When you’re feeling ready to enjoy additional adventures with baby and maybe make some new friends, check out some of these options.

  • Library Storytimes - your local library will have storytimes, usually several, divided by age of child. Some require advance sign up. Call or check their website for details.

  • Music - take a class (usually meets once a week for several weeks) or join a sing-along


If you’re interested in reading up on your newborn or other aspects of parenting, here are some of the books we recommend the most. (Links go to the book listing at Porter Square Books, a great, local, independent bookstore.)


Based at Boston Children’s Hospital, CMCH focuses on media’s impact on children from infancy through college-aged, conducting, compiling, and distributing research from all fields to parents, researchers, and clinicians.

Emergency Services:

The website offers online help as well.

  • 911

Want to be added to our list or know of a business or individual we should include? Tell us!